Are you ready to sell your car for cash? The Junking Car Network is ready to help you through the process. We do have a few basic requirements and things we need to know in order to properly quote a price for junk cars for sale.

#1 we need to be dealing with the documented owner of the vehicle. You need to have a title in order to sell a vehicle to us! It needs to be clear and transferable. If the vehicle has any liens / loans on it they must be satisfied before selling the vehicle to us!

#2 we prefer to purchase complete vehicles, its OK if a small part here or there is missing but we would like to know this before arriving to buy and remove your unwanted vehicle. Please notate any missing parts or severe damage such as flood or fire.

#3 the vehicle needs to be accessible and we prefer that you have the keys but those are not absolutely required. Be sure to clear any debris, fences, other vehicle etc from the path to get to your vehicle before the tow truck arrives to remove a junk car.

   Fill out the form below and we will call you back with an offer. We generally call back within a few minutes if it is daytime hours so please look for a call from us from an (804) area code! 
How much can I get for my Junk Car?

   We appreciate the opportunity to bid for your business. We are always excited to meet people that want to sell junk cars.

   If you have asked any questions like, who buys junk cars near me? Maybe you wanted to know can I get cash for cars near me? Or you asked can I find junk car buyers near me? Regardless of the question we are excited to be the answer when it comes to a company buying junk cars.